Our Company

ChiLin Global is a Management Company licensed by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission to offer a complete range of fiduciary services to its worldwide clients. It is a corporate & trust service provider which offers a range of professional services including company registration, directorship services, company secretarial & domiciliation services, accounting & tax compliance services, management and administration of Global Business Licence companies, collective investment schemes.

ChiLin Global Fiduciary Services Ltd is specialized in providing customized and value-added services to meet its clients’ needs. While we strive to bring value to our client’s needs, we are conscious of  our client’s expectations for a stellar service.

We aim at employing the best  as partners in our business, while pursuing the highest standards, and aligning out interests with those of our partners. It is our mantra to be the “trusted partner” for our clients’ needs,

ChiLin Global founders established a culture based on their own partnership, trust and long-term friendship. We maintain a shared sense of ownership across the firm and aim to partner with individuals and companies that share the same principles that we do. Our core values remain ingrained in every aspect of our organisation, which in turn defines our character and culture. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct – they are a fundamental strength of our business.

Our Team

We are here to help and whole-heartedly committed to your success!

Key Contacts

Rodny Kevin Allagapen

Kevin started his career at Deloitte Mauritius and have more than 22 years of experience in the global business sector of Mauritius. He is the Group CEO of ChiLin Global Holdings Ltd which comprise of ChiLin Global Fiduciary Services Ltd, licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) and ChiLin Global Management Ltd, regulated as a Corporate Service Provider by Registrar of Companies in Mauritius.

He was a former Managing Director of one of the largest corporate service provider /management company Licensed by FSC in Mauritius.

He also services as independent and non-executive director of numerous Companies, Family Office and Private Equity Funds, operating on diverse economic sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining, hotel & hotel management, infrastructure, commerce, logistics, shipping, Telecommunication, Fintech, Aviation and financial services and is involved in investment and dis-investment decisions, in developing and implementing strategies, Corporate Governance, Compliance for those entities.

He also acts as independent non-executive director of Ethos Capital a listed company on JSE in South Africa and is the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

His area of expertise span from Private Wealth Management, Private Equity, Corporate & Fund Structuring, Management & Administration Services, Tax Compliance and structuring, Accounting, Governance, Regulatory and Risks & Compliance matters.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South-Africa and an Executive MBA, with dissertation awarded with distinction on Strategic Management, from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom


Mervi Mulliah

Mervi started her career at Multiconsult Limited and have more than 15 years of experience in the global business sector of Mauritius. She is the Managing Director of ChiLin Global Fiduciary Services Ltd, a management company liscensed by the Financial Services Commission to provide fiduciary services. She is responsible to oversee the whole operations and compliance of the management company. Mervi acts as non-executive and indpendent director on the board of several Global Business Companies & Global Funds operating in different sectors across Africa.

Her area of expertise span from corporate structuring, formation and fund administration services, wealth management, tax planning, accounting, regulatory and compliance matters.

Mervi is a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK.


Vishal Woochit

Vishal leads the fund services offerings at ChiLin Global Fiduciary Services Ltd.
He has more than 20 years of experience in the fund services sector.  He is a subject matter expert in the design, structuring, operation, delivery and marketing of fund and administration in the fund services space.Through his extensive experience serving on fund and fund manager boards, he has gained an exceptional expertise in serving his clients and expecting their needs. Additionally, he serves as the chairman of the boards of investment funds and managers, as well as independent director and investment committee member.

He was responsible for driving the development and implementation of the fund business in a leading international fund service provider. Vishal has worked at Deutsche Bank (Mauritius), where he had been a Client Services Manager, Fund Services, responsible for a number multi-billion dollar and key accounts. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, he worked as a Fund Administrator with L&P Corporate Services Ltd.

His area of expertise cover, the Fund, Corporate and Trust structuring, advice, domiciliation, incorporation and implementation of funds with varying strategies, Outsourcing of fund administration and accounting Business Development and Strategy, Directorship on private equity funds, fund management entities, Investment Dealers, Investment Advisers and Hedge funds, Fund raising

University of Technology, Post Graduate Dip Finance and Investment and University of Mauritius, BA (Hons) Law and Management

Our purpose

Our purpose is to partner and serve our global client base comprising global financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds, banks, asset and fund managers, HNW individuals, listed and unlisted companies, venture capitalist and emerging entrepreneurs, while providing them with best-in-class quality products and services that create value and maximise their wealth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to  become  one of the leading Trust & Corporate service providers in Mauritius  that strives to deliver high quality of service that create lasting value for its clients, strategic partners and society as a whole.

Our Values

We have made it our No. 1 priority to serve the needs of our clients. This commitment is reflected in a culture that accepts nothing less than operating with integrity, professionalism and a passion for excellence. This also leads us to take ownership, operate with discipline, dedication and a clear understanding that trust is not given, it must be earned.